Judo Sports EuropeFrance, with the assist of the French Judo Federation and Associated Disciplines will provide all technical, human and materials resources to ensure the smooth working of this University European Championship. 17 Finally, as regards the adoption of a delaying measure, the nationwide courtroom held that the claims made by Ms Deli├Ęge against the LBJ and the LFJ couldn’t be upheld. However, he thought of that it was appropriate to afford the plaintiff safety against serious harm by adopting a delaying measure which would not adversely have an effect on the pursuits of different athletes.

36 On the other hand, in as far as the query submitted pertains to competitors rules relevant to undertakings, the Court docket doesn’t consider that it has adequate information to enable it to give any guidance as to definition of the related market or markets involved in the primary proceedings. The judgment making the reference likewise does not clearly disclose the nature and the number of the undertakings working within the stated market or markets. Furthermore, the knowledge provided by the national court doesn’t enable the Court to offer an informed ruling as to the existence and extent of trade between Member States or as to the potential of such commerce being affected by the rules for the selection of judokas.

6. Sports activities rules requiring skilled or semi-professional athletes or persons aspiring to take part in a professional or semi-professional exercise to have been authorised or selected by their federation so as to have the ability to participate in a high-level worldwide sports competitors, which does not involve national teams competing towards each other, doesn’t in itself, so long as it derives from a necessity inherent in the organisation of such a contest, constitute a restriction on the liberty to supply companies prohibited by Article fifty nine of the Treaty (now, after amendment, Article forty nine EC).

sixty eight In that connection, it must be conceded that the delegation of such a activity to the nationwide federations, which usually have the mandatory knowledge and expertise, is the association adopted in most sporting disciplines, which is predicated in principle on the existence of a federation in each nation. Moreover, it should be identified that the choice guidelines at issue in the main proceedings apply each to competitions organised throughout the Neighborhood and to these going down outside it and involve both nationals of Member States and people of non-member countries.

Whether or not or not guidelines requiring professional or semi-professional sportsmen or persons aspiring to such status to have been authorised or chosen by their national federation in order to be able to compete in an international competition and laying down national entry quotas for related competitions are opposite to the Treaty of Rome, in particular Articles 59 to 66 and Articles 85 and 86.